Handmade Pies (made to order) 100% Made from scratch!

Each crust is made from scratch, rolled by hand, and gently pressed into a pie pan! We make our fillings with fresh fruit, homemade custard, Belgian chocolate, and other high quality ingredients! Our pies are finished with REAL whipped cream, old-fashioned meringue, crunchy streusel, or a flaky pastry crust!

Flavors include...

Key Lime * Salted Caramel Apple * Coconut Custard * Mixed Berry

French Silk * Butterscotch Cream * Lemon Meringue * Kentucky Derby

Pumpkin * Maple Bourbon Pecan * Virginia Peanut

Indiana Sugar Cream * Lemon Chess * Chocolate Chess * Cookie Dough

Sweet Potato * Cherry Oat-Crisp * Peach-Blueberry

OREO * Turtle Brownie * Irish Coffee * Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry-Rhubarb * S'mores * Tollhouse Cookie *  & MORE!!

(Plus new, not-on-the-menu "baker's specials" added all the time!)



TO ORDER: Call (757)464-1455 or visit the bakery at least 3 days in advance

Please give at least 10-14 days notice for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Lattice pie prep
Lemon Meringue
Hand-rolled crusts
Variety of Fall favorites
Banana Cream Pie
Variety of pies
Blueberry Pie
Cherry-Apple Pie
Blue-barb Pies
Plum-Blackberry Pie
Spiked Eggnog Custard Pie
Brambleberry Pie
Red Velvet Cookie Pie
Cranberry-Blueberry Pie
Gingerbread Pie
Cherry Crisp Pie
Chocolate Peanut Butter
French Silk
Sugar Cream Pie
Cookie Dough Pie
Chocolate pudding pie
Virginia peanut pie
Dutch apple crumb
Double-berry crisp
Cherry lattice pie
S'mores pie
Pecan & Sweet potato pecan-streusel
Key lime pie
Mixed Berry pie..
Blueberry-peach pie
Cherry pies
Honey Vanilla Bean
Pumpkin cream cheese pie
Lemon meringue pie
Variety of pies