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About Us  We are family-owned & operated since 2010

At Flour Child Bakery, baking is our passion! All of our sweet treats are made from scratch in small batches right here in our cozy kitchen. We use real butter, pure extracts, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit, and many other quality ingredients in our everyday baking. You can taste the love in every bite!


Because we bake from scratch, we have the ability to adjust many of our recipes to be dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and/or gluten-free. [Advance notice is required.]

About Us  We are family-owned & operated since 2010

Meet the Owners

About Us  We are mother-daughter owned & operated!

"Cathy Baker is going from a life centered on pizza to a life filled with cupcakes.

Cathy worked for 31 years as a waitress at Pizza Hut, 15 of those years in Western Branch. At the end of July 2010, she left her long-time job to open a bakery with her 24-year-old daughter, Cassie.

Her new venture, Flour Child Bakery, will open Oct . 2 [2010] on Pleasure House Road in Virginia Beach.

Baker said she has lived in the same house for 30 years, been married to the same man, Lance, for 30 years and worked the same job for more than 30 years. Something had to change.

"This is very different for me, but it's time," said Baker, 50, who lives in Portsmouth. "I thank Cassie every day for giving me a new venture in life." 

Daughter, Cassie Baker, studied sociology at Tidewater Community College, but she had the dream to open her own bake shop.

"I told her, get a job in a bakery and learn all you can behind the scenes and I'll contemplate opening a bakery with you," said Cathy Baker. "You have to learn it, though. And that's what she did. She worked at two local bakeries."

The two have put together an extensive menu of sweet treats, including everything from muffins to cakes to maple-bacon cupcakes. Both are excited for the change and to work together.

"I wouldn't even try to do this without her," said Cathy. "She has really fresh ideas."

"I feel like we can do it," said Cassie. "I'm very excited."

-Christy Barritt (The Virginian-Pilot 2010)

"Old world philosophy brushes against psychedelic decor insided Flour Child Bakery and Dessert Cafe in Virginia Beach.


The bakery is quaint: the tile floor is checkered teal and white off-setting sunny orange and yellow walls. Two bakery cases are overflowing with made-from-scratch sweets. Glass cake stands line the tops of the bakery cases. A glass jar is filled with homemade toasted coconut marshmallows. Short towers of wedding cookies and peppermint-dipped marshmallows are tied in cellophane bags.

Cassie Baker worked at local bakeries for two years to prepare herself to run her own, and in 2010, Cassie and her mother, Cathy Baker, opened Flour Child Bakery together. But, Flour Child Bakery is more than a sweets shop; it is the culmination science, talent, and the desire to bake.

No other business exhibits the virtue in spending locally like a bakery, where pocket change can sustain livelihoods, and the women who run Flour Child deserve every cent. Cassie and Cathy bake for love of the craft, and for both of them, the business developed naturally.

Cathy decorated cakes as a side job for fourteen years. Cassie, disillusioned with college, focused her energy on baking cupcakes for friends and relatives, eventually finding a home in the architecture of recipes. The mother-daughter team bakes in small batches, 100% from scratch, sourcing ingredients locally when they can. Traditional favorites like the insanely popular death-by-chocolate cupcakes and Grandma's banana pudding are offered alongside unique creations like the champagne and eggnog cake pops and spicy chocolate brownies.

When I visited the bakery, I tasted two cupcakes: the red velvet and the grasshopper (chocolate mint). Both were perfectly moist and just sweet enough. I also tried the wedding cookies and a toasted coconut marshmallow. Never has a marshmallow seemed like an independent treat, but Flour Child’s homemade squares are fun to eat by themselves.


In addition to sweets, Cassie and Cathy have created their own hot chocolate (which currently comes with vanilla and peppermint homemade marshmallows) and cider recipes for these cold months. They offer gluten-free and vegan options and take dietary and flavor requests regularly.

Right before my visit to Flour Child Bakery ended, Cathy Baker said, “It’s the daily customers, the ones who are just stopping by for a quick treat – they keep us up and running. They’re the reason we’re here every morning.”

-Asha Baisden ( 2011)

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